Results of the NGVB Project

The Next Generation Video Browsing (NGVB) project, an FWF funded translational research project (TRP 273-N15), which ran for three years, has ended in January this year. In the NGVB project we investigated how to design better tools for content-based search in videos, in particular when used on tablet devices, and how these search tools could […]

Domain-Specific Compression of Endoscopic Video

We are very happy to announce that our paper on “Domain-Specific Video Compression for Long-term Archiving of Endoscopic Surgery Videos“, authored by Bernd MĂĽnzer, Klaus Schoeffmann, and Laszlo Böszörmenyi, has been accepted to the 29th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2016), to be held in June 2016 in Dublin/Belfast. A preprint of […]

VBS Winners 2016

Congratulations again to Kai Uwe Barthel, Nico Hezel, and Radek Mackowiak (and Florian Barthel), from HTW Berlin, Germany, for winning the Video Browser Showdown 2016 competition with their interactive video search system described in Navigating a graph of scenes for exploring large video collections!

CFP: Content-Based Image and Multimedia Analysis and Indexing for Healthcare @ CBMI 2016

Multimedia information indexing and retrieval nowadays is more and more penetrating an important domain for society: healthcare. Feature-based classification approaches which are being developed for medical image classification for computer-aided diagnosis borrow the approaches from classical CBIR in feature engineering and cascaded classification. Deep learning classifiers which are being extensively studied and applied for concept […]

CFP: Mobile Multimedia Computing Workshop 2016

The intimate presence of mobile devices in our daily life, such as smartphones and various wearable gadgets like smart watches, has dramatically changed the way we connect with the world around us. Users rely on mobile devices to maintain an always-on relation to information, personal and social networks, etc. With a growing number of powerful […]

HealthWear’16 Call for Tutorials

HealthWear’16 will bring together researchers, developers, and industry professionals from both Healthcare and Quantified Self communities to discuss key issues, opportunities and obstacles for personal health data research. These include challenges of capturing, summarizing, presenting and retrieving relevant information from heterogeneous sources to support a new vision of pervasive personal healthcare. The conference now calls […]

Tutorial on Interactive Video Search (ACM Multimedia 2015)

The slides of the tutorial on Interactive Video Search, presented yesterday at the ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2015 (ACM MM’15) in Brisbane, Australia, can be found here: Interactive Video Search – Tutorial at ACM Multimedia 2015 from klschoef

Survey on Video Interaction Tools

Our survey paper on video interaction tools is now available for download at the ACM portal website. It reviews a large number of tools and approaches for video content interaction, proposed by colleagues over the last few years. Klaus Schoeffmann, Marco A. Hudelist, Jochen Huber, “Video Interaction Tools: A Survey of Recent Work“. ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 48, No. 1, ACM, […]

Endoscopic Video Retrieval with Feature Signatures

We are happy to announce that our joint paper on “Endoscopic Video Retrieval: A Signature-based Approach for Linking Endoscopic Images with Video Segments” (authored together with Christian Beecks, Mathias Lux, Merih Seran Uysal, and Thomas Seidl) has been accepted to the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2015 (ISM 2015), to be held in Miami, Florida, […]

Endoscopic Video Processing

Over the last three years our team at the Institute of Information Technology (ITEC) at Klagenfurt University has put much effort in research on endoscopic video processing. Among other topics we focused on compression quality, content segmentation, keyframe detection, and relevance detection. Here are a few papers that focus on these topics. More information can […]