New Journal Papers on Medical Multimedia

Our research group has published two new journal papers in the Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) Journal by Springer.

The first one is a survey paper on Content-based processing and analysis of endoscopic images and videos: A survey¬†(by Bernd M√ľnzer, Klaus Schoeffmann, and Laszlo B√∂sz√∂rmenyi) and covers a broad overview of proposed methods to analyze videos and images in the domain of medical endoscopy. The preprint is available¬†here.

The second one covers Learning laparoscopic video shot classification for gynecological surgery (by Stefan Petscharnig and Klaus Schoeffmann) and evaluates the performance of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for video shot classification in medical laparoscopy, more specifically in the field of gynecology. The preprint is  already here.

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