FWF Research Project SQUASH Approved

I am very happy that a new research project on Surgical Quality Assessment in Gynecologic Laparoscopy (SQUASH) – in collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna – has been approved by the FWF Austrian Science Fund. In this research project we will investigate if we can improve the efficiency and feasibility of technical skill assessment by automatic video content analysis, i.e, by content-based video retrieval and current methods of machine learning/deep learning.

We consider this research project as a pioneering work in the interdisciplinary overlap of computer- and medical science, which will investigate fundamental research questions that should provide the basis for future computer-aided surgical quality assessment (SQA). We expect that our research results will help to significantly facilitate the currently cumbersome and error-prone SQA process, and hence enable more surgeons to actually perform error ratings.

More information is available here.

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