8th VBS with Great Success

The 8th Video Browser Showdown (VBS) took place a week ago (on January 8th and 9th) at MMM2019 in Thessaloniki, and it was a great success. For the first time we used the V3C1 dataset (Part 1 of the Vimeo Creative Commons Collection), which consists of 7475 video files that amount for about 1000 hours of content. The six participating teams could solve all visual and textual Known-Item Search (KIS) tasks, as well as all Ad-Hoc Video Search (AVS) tasks within a short amount of time! The teams have clearly demonstrated that their sophisticated video retrieval systems are very powerful and allow fast and effective content-based search in videos. We look forward to the next VBS in January 2020 in Daejeon, Korea at MMM2020! More information here: www.VideoBrowserShowdown.org

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