Interactive Multimedia

Im highly interested on the interaction with mobile multimedia systems, I have been a mobile app developer for several years, and I have co-organized international workshops on that topic too (e.g., Mobile Multimedia Computing 2014, Mobile Multimedia Computing 2015, and Mobile Multimedia Computing 2016, all three in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo.

Furthermore, I have recently conducted a research project that focused on interactive video search on mobile devices, the Next Generation Video Browsing (NGVB) project, an FWF funded translational research project (TRP 273-N15) that ran for three years. In the NGVB project we investigated how to design better tools for content-based search in videos, in particular when used on tablet devices, and how these search tools could benefit from the powerful features provided by tablets (e.g., multi-touch interaction and high computing power). We focused on improving video content navigation and visualization of the video structure through 3D models and color-sorted arrangement of images. To this end, we performed several initial user studies in order to find out how users search with common video player software and used the results for the design of novel search features. In order to evaluate these novel search features we developed software tools with new interaction models and search features and performed comparative user studies with them. The results of these studies show that the newly proposed features and interfaces provide significantly better search performance and are easier to use for the vast majority of tested users.

The research work of the NGVB project brought forward several interesting results and I would like to thank all involved people (in particular Dr. Marco A. Hudelist and Dr. Claudiu Cobarzan). The figure below shows an overview of research prototypes (i.e., interfaces) for video and image browsing that evolved from the project.






opencvpaper2 opencvpaper tabletglobestackofrings

scrubbingwheel ringpaperflickpapervntpaper

mediastatisticsthumbbrowser 3dtabletinterfaces 3dinterfaces




The following videos show demo apps of multimedia content interaction on tablets: