H.264/AVC Coding Inspector Tool

This tool has been developed during my work on my Ph.D. thesis. It is based on a self-written H.264/AVC decoder and allows to visualize coding internals of H.264/AVC video streams. More precisely, it enables to see:

  • the partitioning of macroblocks into slices
  • which types of macroblocks have been used for specific regions by the encoder (red=intra, blue=predicted, green=skipped)
  • how macroblocks are partitioned (a macroblock can use partitions of size: 16×16, 16×8, 8×16, 8×8, 8×4, 4×8, 4×4 pixels)
  • the motion vectors of macroblock partitions
  • which intra prediction modes are used for intra-coded macroblocks
  • some other encoding parameters (e.g. quantization params).


A binary of the H.264/AVC Coding Inspector Tool is available for free here. You are free to use this tool for private or teaching purpose, under the Creative Commons attribution license.
Please note: This tool supports the Baseline Profile of H.264/AVC only.


Video Explorer



The Video Explorer is a tool to facilitate and improve content-based search and exploration in single videos. It can efficiently be used for all situations where a user needs to find specific segments/scenes in long video files. Based on fast content analysis, it supports the user at the task of interactive search by providing novel and convenient visualizations about the content. This information helps a user to find desired content significantly faster than with usual navigation tools. Moreover, it integrates a powerful automatic search feature to find similar or recurrent content in the video according to color or motion characteristics.

An overview about the Video Explorer can be found in the paper “A Tool for Navigation and Searching within a Single Video based on Fast Content Analysis“, presented at ACM Multimedia Systems 2010 (see Publications). Some more details can be found in the demo paper “Facilitating Interactive Search and Navigation in Videos“, which was presented at ACM Multimedia 2010 in October in Firenze, Italy.

A .NET binary (tested on Windows 7) of the Video Explorer can be downloaded here!