Supervision of PhD Theses

  • Natalia Sokolova
    T.B.D. (ongoing)
  • Sabrina Kletz
    Reducing Effort in Evaluating Laparoscopic Skills. (ongoing)
  • Andreas Leibetseder
    Using Expert Medical Knowledge to Advance in Modern Techniques of Endoscopic Video Processing. (ongoing)
  • Stefan Petscharnig
    Classification and Retrieval of Endoscopic Surgery Videos using Convolutional Neural Networks (2018)
  • Manfred J├╝rgen Primus
    Segmentation and Indexing of Endoscopic Videos (2016)
  • Bernd M├╝nzer
    Content-Based Methods for Highly Efficient Domain-Specific Compression of Endoscopic Surgery Videos (2015)
  • Marco Andrea Hudelist
    Improving Mobile Interaction for Image & Video Search (2015)

Supervision of Master Theses

  • Roman BuchbauerContent Classification of Videos from Endoscopic Surgery (ongoing)
  • Gerhard ScheiberKonzeption, Umsetzung und Test einer HTML5 basierten Videoanalyse-Plattform (2017)
  • Philipp StiasnyEvaluierung eines Low-Cost Innenraum├╝berwachungssystems basierend auf Rasperry Pi (2017)
  • Sabrina KletzVideo Retrieval Using Temporal Feature Signatures (2017)
  • Christian QuintavalleRain detection in pictures: analysis and implementation of an algorithm for a crowdsource mobile application, (co-superversion at the University of Udine, 2016)
  • Peter Spiess-KnaflA Framework for Distributed Video Analysis in Context of Video Retrieval, 2016 (2016)
  • Michael DabernigLinking the World Wide Web with Peer-to-Peer Networks (2016)
  • Bernd SpiessChange Process of the Digital Economy in UAE / Middle East (MBA), (co-supervision at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, ULG Change Management, 2016)
  • Chiara PighinEffects of Virtual Reality on Users: State of the Art, and an Evaluation of Emotions Elicited by Different Virtual Environments, (co-superversion at the University of Udine, 2016)
  • Kevin RoiteroImproving the Efficiency of Retrieval Effectiveness Evaluation: Finding a Few Good Topics with Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction (co-superversion at the University of Udine, 2016)
  • Kevin Andreas ChromikVideonavigation mit Wischgesteninteraktion. (2016)
  • Christian EngelbrechtScalability Performance Measurement of a Distributed System Using Big Data (2015)
  • Johannes ZlattingerDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of a 3D Image Browser (2014)
  • Marco Andrea Hudelist3D Image Browsing for Mobile Devices (2012)
  • Manfred J├╝rgen PrimusGenerating Panorama View out of Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery (2012)
  • Bernd M├╝nzerRequirements and prototypes for a content-based endoscopic video management system (finished 2012) and Verwaltung und inhaltsbasierte Verarbeitung von Endoskopie-Videos (2011)
  • Alexander LegradiInhaltssuche in TV-Sendungen auf Grund automatisch extrahierter Metadaten (2011)
  • Manfred del FabroExtensible Toolkit for Non-Linear Video Exploration (2009)
  • Rainer WeidenthalerNichtlineare Videobetrachtung (2008)


  • Fundamental Topics I in Distributed Multimedia Systems,
    VK, WS 2014/2015┬á–┬á2018/2019, (Klagenfurt University)
  • Distributed Systems,
    VO, SS 2016 – 2017, (Klagenfurt University)
  • Distributed Systems
    PR, SS 2006 – 2016 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Operating Systems (Betriebssysteme)
    PR, SS 2007 – 2017 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Web-based Information Infrastructures
    VO, WS 2015/2016┬á–┬á2016/2017, (FH Kufstein, WCIS)
  • Video Retrieval
    VK, WS 2015/2016, SS 2018 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Distributed Systems
    VO, WS 2011/2012, 2015/2016 (FH Kaernten, Klagenfurt, TEN/CEIT)
  • Interactive Multimedia Applications A: Mobile Apps
    VK, WS 2013/2014┬á–┬á2018/2019 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Medientechnik I,
    VO, SS 2015-2017 (FH Kufstein, WCIS)
  • Medientechnik II,
    VO, WS 2015/2016 – 2016/2017 (FH Kufstein, WCIS)
  • Seminar on Distributed Systems
    SE, SS 2015
  • Distributed Multimedia Systems Laboratory
    PR, WS 2008/2009┬á–┬á2013/2014 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Proseminar aus Angewandter Informatik
    PS, SS 2011-2013 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Introduction to Media-Technology
    VO, WS 2010/2011┬á–┬á2012/2013 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Operating Systems for Networks
    VO+ILV, WS 2008/2009 – 2010/2011 (FH-Kaernten, Klagenfurt, TEN/CEIT)
  • Introduction to Structured and Object-oriented Programming (ESOP)
    PR, WS 2005/2016 – 2009/2010, 2016/2017 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Web-Technologies
    PR, WS 2005/2006 – 2007/2008 (Klagenfurt University)
  • Informatik I,
    PS, WS 2005 (Klagenfurt University)