HealthWear’16 Call for Tutorials

HealthWear’16 will bring together researchers, developers, and industry professionals from both Healthcare and Quantified Self communities to discuss key issues, opportunities and obstacles for personal health data research. These include challenges of capturing, summarizing, presenting and retrieving relevant information from heterogeneous sources to support a new vision of pervasive personal healthcare.

The conference now calls for tutorials focusing on practical topics related to wearables and healthcare. Current topics of interest as found in the HealthWear’16 CFP are:

  • Personal Health Informatics
  • Quantified Self for Healthcare
  • Activity Monitors and Devices
  • Self-Tracking
  • Healthcare Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
  • Health Data acquisition, analysis and mining
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Validity, reliability, usability, and effectiveness of Self-Tracking devices
  • Experiment Design
  • Social and Psychological investigation into Self-Tracking practices
  • Health Monitoring in clinical and lifestyle environments
  • Sensors and actuators for Wellness, Fitness and Rehabilitation
  • Innovative Algorithms for assessment of long-term physiological and behavioural data
  • Models for interpreting medical sensor data
  • Lifelogging, lifecaching, lifestreaming
  • Biometric data
  • Medical Self-diagnostics

HealthWear’16 solicits proposals for half-day tutorials that present fundamentals about a frontier topic as well as recent advances in fields mentioned above. It should be interesting for both students and senior researchers. Of particular interest are topics focusing on the practical challenges of the Quantified Seld (QS), such as visualization of QS data, search in this special kind of multi modal data, etc.


More information can be found here.

Tutorial on Interactive Video Search (ACM Multimedia 2015)

The slides of the tutorial on Interactive Video Search, presented yesterday at the ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2015 (ACM MM’15) in Brisbane, Australia, can be found here:

Survey on Video Interaction Tools

Video Interaction Tools
Our survey paper on video interaction tools is now available for download at the ACM portal website. It reviews a large number of tools and approaches for video content interaction, proposed by colleagues over the last few years.

Klaus Schoeffmann, Marco A. Hudelist, Jochen Huber, “Video Interaction Tools: A Survey of Recent Work“. ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 48, No. 1, ACM, September 2015, pp. 14:1-14:34,

Endoscopic Video Retrieval with Feature Signatures

Endoscopic Video Retrieval
We are happy to announce that our joint paper on “Endoscopic Video Retrieval: A Signature-based Approach for Linking Endoscopic Images with Video Segments” (authored together with Christian Beecks, Mathias Lux, Merih Seran Uysal, and Thomas Seidl) has been accepted to the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2015 (ISM 2015), to be held in Miami, Florida, USA, in December 2015. Attached you can find a preprint of the paper.

Endoscopic Video Processing

Over the last three years our team at the Institute of Information Technology (ITEC) at Klagenfurt University has put much effort in research on endoscopic video processing. Among other topics we focused on compression quality, content segmentation, keyframe detection, and relevance detection. Here are a few papers that focus on these topics. More information can be found at and


CFP: Mobile Multimedia Computing Workshop 2015

MMC 2015 @ ICME 2015

The intimate presence of mobile devices in our daily life, such as smartphones and various wearable gadgets like smart watches, has dramatically changed the way we connect with the world around us. Users rely on mobile devices to maintain an always-on relation to information, personal and social networks, etc. With a growing number of powerful embedded mobile sensors like camera, microphone, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, digital compass, and proximity sensor, there is a variety of data recorded and hence enables new sensing applications across diverse research domains comprising mobile media analysis, mobile information retrieval, mobile computer vision, mobile social networks, mobile human-computer interaction, mobile entertainment, mobile gaming, mobile healthcare, mobile learning, and mobile advertising.

Regardless of the application fields, many issues and challenges brought by the emerging technologies for mobile multimedia still lie ahead and many research questions remain to be answered. For example, seamless user experience has been identified as one key factor in designing mobile multimedia applications for multiple form factors, but its provision is challenging and requires effective integration of rich mobile sensors and multidisciplinary research, such as multimedia content adaptation and user behavior analysis. In addition, for power saving purpose, application-driven energy management is an important technical consideration in mobile multimedia computing (e.g., how to offload computation-intense tasks to the cloud servers to save energy and extend battery lifetimes for mobile users?).

The workshop on Mobile Multimedia Computing, MMC 2015, aims to bring together researchers and professionals from worldwide academia and industry for showcasing, discussing, and reviewing the whole spectrum of technological opportunities, challenges, solutions, and emerging applications in mobile multimedia.

More information here.

Video Browser Showdown 2012-2014

An article Foto3summarizing the idea and the progress of the Video Browser Showdown competition (also known as Video Search Showcase) has now been published by IEEE in the IEEE Multimedia magazine. Please find the article here.

The next Video Browser Showdown competition will be held in conjunction with the 21st International Conference on MultiMedia Modelling (MMM 2015), in Sydney on January 5, 2015. In this fourth iteration of the event 9 teams will compete against each other. More information – including the program – can be found here.


CFP: 4th Video Search Showcase (Video Browser Showdown)

January 4, 2015, held in conjunction with the 21st International MultiMedia Modeling Conference (MMM) in Sydney, Australia

The Video Search Showcase (VSS) is an annual live video search competition, where international researchers evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their interactive video search tools. The Video Search Showcase is a special session at the International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling (MMM), where it started in 2012 under the name “Video Browser Showdown” (VBS). Participating teams first present the details of their systems and then perform several interactive video search tasks in different parts. The last part of the VSS is a moderated session that is open for the public, where participants of the MMM conference can see the interactive tools in action!

VSS2015 will be a half-day workshop that will take place one day before MMM2015 at the conference venue of MMM2015 in Sydney, Australia. Most of the session will consist of a sequence of interactive search tasks without audience. At the end of the workshop, a public session will start with a round of presentations of the participants’ interactive video search tools, followed by a 45 minutes moderated session allowing members of the audience to use the tools. The evaluation of the results will be published in an own paper after the workshop.

Important Dates:
Demo paper submission deadline: September 22, 2014
Notification of acceptance: October 6, 2014
Camera-ready paper due: October 17, 2014
Author registration deadline: October 17, 2014

Mobile Interaction, Wolfgang HĂĽrst @ VisHMC’14

Many thanks again to Prof. Wolfgang Hürst for giving a great keynote talk about “Mobile Interaction – Examples for Visualization of and Interaction with Different Media Types on Mobiles” at the 1st International Workshop on Visualization of Heterogeneous Multimedia Content (VisHMC’14), held together with the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo 2014 (ICME 2014) in Chengdu, China. The talk was very interesting and inspiring! Below you can find a few pictures of it. The slides of the talk are available as PDF here.


IMG_1964 IMG_1966 IMG_1971

3D Interfaces to Improve the Performance of Visual Known-Item Search

A preprint of our paper “3D Interfaces to Improve the Performance of Visual Known-Item Search”, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, is available here.